James Hardie Siding

James Hardie’s is one of the most trusted names in the siding materials industry. The company, based in Ireland, is known for producing high-quality fiber cement siding products. Other than that, James Hardie is also responsible for developing technologies and processes related to the manufacturing of building materials. The company is known for its innovation in building materials and even operates a 20-year-old research unit dedicated towards fiber-cement technology.

Currently, James Hardie operates in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. However, it’s products are sold across the globe, with Asia and Europe being significant markets. In fact, the company has manufacturing units in Philippines and Amsterdam. James Hardie aims to be the leader in the fiber-cement siding arena and with its current position in the building materials industry, the company isn’t too far away from achieving this goal.

James Hardie swears by innovation and credits it with helping them retain their position as a leading siding materials company. The company continues to carry out research and development to constantly improve its offerings. James Hardie has always emphasized quality improvement and efficiency in production, which are part of the company’s core philosophy and the reason why the “James Hardie” name is automatically associated with top-notch building materials.